Thursday, May 8, 2014

Moms Demand Action attempts “gun-bully” justification for armed guards

A Moms Demand Action follower says it’s their right to have guns to stand up against “gun bullies” (which is what Moms Demand calls gun rights advocates). Which is more prevalent, the comedy or the irony? Message to Moms Demand followers: you’re doing it wrong.

The same twitter account attacked a couple of memes in an apparent attempt to build the case for Moms Demand. It is clear they are pro-gun control. It is not clear whether the account has any official affiliation with Moms Demand, but the rationale behind the attacks seems on par for the anti-gun course.

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The first response to a meme that says “Moms Demand Guns Sense: Free people have guns. Slaves do not” is to claim this is false on the flimsy rationale that the Confederacy armed slaves in 1865. The implication is that it’s okay to take and ban guns from free people because slaves – in one single instance in history that anti-gunners can point to–did indeed have guns. Okay then, carry on. Pfft!

But if one thinks about this argument for a moment, it should be clear that this response makes no sense whatsoever. First, it is highly doubtful that the armed Confederate slaves were unsupervised and free to make use of such arms of their own volition. They certainly were not free people; they were still slaves. Secondly, the Confederacy was forcing these slaves to fight against the North, who were trying to free them.

That anti-gun moonbats would suggest that it’s okay to ban guns from free people because the South forced slaves to fight the North is beyond ludicrous. Either such gun control zealots do not think before they speak, or they do think beforehand and still deliberately choose to say such inane things. It’s difficult to say which is the better option.

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The second response was to a meme and a Brenner Brief article reporting that Moms Demand Action admitted to using armed security guards. The response says that this is “their right” and that they are “stand[ing] up to gun bullies.” The irony is the apparent blindness to the double-standard and blatant hypocrisy of anti-gun lobbyists carrying guns – even in, or perhaps especially in, the hands of paid staff  – while they work to keep others from using guns.

But secondly, it is also apparently blind to the comedy of an anti-gun rights advocate stating that using a gun is their right. Message to Moms Demand followers: you are making gun rights advocates’ points for them. Gun rights advocates absolutely agree it is a person’s right to have and use guns for their own self-defense. You know, “keep and bear arms.” Thanks!

By Matt MacBradaigh. Matt is a Christian, Husband, Father, Patriot, and Conservative from the Pacific Northwest. Matt writes about the Second Amendment, Gun Control, Gun Rights, and Gun Policy issues and is published on The Bell TowersThe Brenner Brief, PolicyMic. TavernKeepers, and Vocativ.

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This article also appears on The Brenner Brief. (Original publication May 8, 2014).

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