Friday, March 27, 2015

New site up: -- head on over!!

Hello friends!

I am very happy to announce the new site, is up now. All articles from this blogger site have been moved over to the new site & new original content is going up there

I have been published on six sites so far, (now, Vocativ, BuzzPo, The Brenner Brief (now simply and referred to as 'Broadside News'), Tavern Keepers (no author bio page, but here's one article), and The Bell Towers. On this blogger site, I simply re-published articles after originally being posted on these other sites. The new site has all of these articles and brand-new ones, not published anywhere else first.

My objective remains to educate: Education Defeats Propaganda. The new site's slogan is:

Intelligent Information to Win the 2nd Amendment Fight!

The gun control topic is fraught with misinformation, half-truths and outright lies, pushed by unscrupulous politicians and activists and perpetuated by ignorant (or willing accomplices) in the media. I aim to counter that, and to promote genuine attempts to solve the problems by addressing the root causes of violence, not by simply offering cosmetic "feel good" policies that research shows us would not actually solve anything.

If the problem is violence, homicides, crime, violent crime, and the goal is increased safety - safe neighborhoods, schools, streets, parks, shopping centers, etc. - then my approach is to seek solid research that answers whether any particular policy would achieve that goal and reduce the problem. Thus I examine gun policy proposals by asking if if it will solve the problems of violence and reduce crime, thereby making the world safer for the rest of us.

I also address our fundamental Natural Rights to defend ourselves.

Join me on the new site: